Glamorous Gothic Delight: Unveiling Sanjana Sanghi’s THIERRY MUGLER Black Velvet “VAMPIRE” Dress Ensemble

In a captivating display of dark elegance, Sanjana Sanghi graced the spotlight in a mesmerizing ensemble. Clad in the iconic THIERRY MUGLER Black Velvet “VAMPIRE” Dress, she exuded an aura of mystery and allure. The dress, with its sumptuous velvet fabric and intricate detailing, perfectly accentuated her graceful figure. Paired with high thigh net tights, the ensemble added a touch of seductive flair. Completing the look were black embellished pump heels that elevated her stature and added a dash of glamour. To enhance the overall allure, Sanjana adorned herself with a designer necklace and earrings, exquisitely crafted to complement the ensemble. Her choice of attire truly epitomized the epitome of gothic sophistication, leaving onlookers spellbound and in awe of her enchanting presence.

image credit : instagram

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